Good Trade

Since the moment in time when commerce started, making a good trade was always the goal. 

It was the coming together of one person who had been working hard to catch or make something and then finding someone else offering up something of equivalent value – at least in the eyes of both trade partners. There are later judgements of beads and islands and whether or not NYC should even exist…but that’s not where I’m going.

In the world of direct marketing, your connections, your friends, family and word of mouth efforts are what matter. Certainly social media channels like Facebook have made this effort easier – if only for the time it takes to communicate with hundreds at once instead of just one at a time. 

Weeks ago, I invited far more people to my home than it would normally accommodate to a pop up boutique for Lu La Roe. I was curious when my cousin started selling the leggings. I just didn’t know a thing about them, the company, the product line, pricing, sizing…nothing. Nada.

Of course I’d heard of Lululemon and their tragic see-through legging debacle…more awful considering their especially high retail price tag. I’d also heard of Fabletics mostly because of Kate Hudson’s initial rant on the aforementioned – material and price tag – that got attention. 

Lu La Roe…um, what? 

So I wanted to learn more and a great way to do this is to host a party.  I couldn’t have a “virtual party” I had to have a real one…in the form a 2 hour long, in-home shopping event where my friends and I could try on everything and anything we’d ever want to wear from this cute, fun new (to us) company that is popping up online everywhere. 

I’m thankful that my friends came together to share their afternoon with me today, learning everything we’d ever want to know about Lu La Roe and the fabrics, fit, fashion and why people are fanatical about the brand. A good trade on their part I hope…their participation and willingness, if warranted, to receive emails and Facebook updates from Bernadette and in return, I earned free leggings and a few other oh, so comfortable clothes that I’ll enjoy wearing out and about, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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