Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Famous words spoken in that famous movie: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Sure, it’s recognizable. It is the top 3rd of all time 100 movie quotes. The 3rd most famous.

It’s summer and countless people are at the beach. Maybe this quote comes to mind, casually passing through your brain. Especially – remember when – earlier in the summer during Shark Week and shark sightings peaked.

Yes, there were countless shark sightings on the Jersey Shore…or simply, The Shore. Which you can get to if you turn at this intersection and drive an hour or so.

Either way you label it, and either way to get there, we don’t really get a lot of sharks. Ever. Leave it to the Marketing folks to help make the show ratings soar. It worked.

This sign, however, I have to wonder. Who thought that this was the right message? On a bus shelter. In the burbs? How many people getting on the bus, walking across the street where there are 6 “no pedestrian crossing” signs (which also confounds me…but that is a topic for another day…) look at this and says “I’m gonna need a bigger boat, maybe I will donate the one I have to charity”?  Yet, someone, somewhere thought this sign was a good idea to get attention – in a good way.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Be a boat angel.

Be a boat angel.

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