No One Ever Said…

My parents always used to day “no one ever said it would be easy.”  I am 100% certain this is not what they meant when they said it though…

Today we had a little party for someone who turned 80 this week…he deserves to have a celebration and to get a gift that he will use and enjoy every day.

There are so many options to choose.

The blogs say get this. The advice columns say get that. The people who are in the know say, spend time with them, that really matters. All of this and more is true. This time, we knew exactly what we wanted to get, the only questions were what options do we need?  What would be right?

Of course, the Christmas in July ads say this, that and the other thing:  1080P, 4K, Smart, Flat Screen, LCD, LED, Plasma, 60Hz, 720, curved, wall mount, pedestal…the options are seemingly endless. (That doesn’t even go into the brands you can choose!) You can only compare four at a time. Then, you have to go there and actually see it for yourself.

  • What is right?
  • How big should it be?
  • What does the dimension even mean – do I have to do math to figure this out?

All I know is we want it to look good, be easy to use and have a stand…plus, I’ve said it before and it still rings true… no one ever said they wish they’d gotten a smaller television.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS We happen to like this one from Samsung – Smart 1080P LCD.

It also makes a nice gift.

It also makes a nice gift.

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