Too Many Requests

It is possible to have too many requests, even little ones, that you can’t remember the things you agreed to do in the beginning?

I messed up the drive thru order today.

Well, maybe. You decide.

Here’s the back story.

I decided to treat the kids, we had a gift card and the birthday boy had asked to go…so off to Chick-Fil-A we went. They are so polite there, who can resist.

It was four kids, four orders and a beverage for me. I collected to their orders ahead of time since the drive thru line was around the building; I didn’t want to slow them down. Also, it was hot and I didn’t want to drag them all out of the car and in between traffic.

Besides, not only are they polite, they’re fast. It would be fine.

“We zip in… we zip right out again” – way easier than a side trip into Wisconsin (and Czechoslovakia for that matter, which doesn’t technically even exist anymore.)

It was zippy.

The line moved quickly, our ordering went well.  But then, in the confusion, or because of the crazy backed up lines both inside the restaurant and out, they forgot to give us two of our drinks.


At $2 for a bottle of water with two overly thirsty girls who sang in theater camp all morning, I wasn’t going to make them wait until we got home for their refreshments. So, we had to park, weave through the line of cars, wait for someone backing up…and as a bonus, one of the girls stepped in melted, mint gum.

Fun!! (Not.)

So, now you can decide…who’s at fault?

I’m not sure, but perhaps I gave them one too many requests: Chick-Fil-A sauce, separate bags for each kid and un-sweet tea please…Certainly it was my error and I deserved to have to go inside to make it right. Or, should things like this not happen, over and over and over again – what do you think?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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