Global Messages

Sometimes, there are global messages that are really…meant for a few, or for one.

Just like when someone at the company would do something wrong, a serious infraction, that would trigger training on policy that only a few, or maybe one (or two) people had done…

Yep. Here we are. Back to school and getting those “friendly” reminders someone screwed up.

While I bet, out of the nearly 3,000 people who attend a school, more than “a few” violated this particular school policy, it still wasn’t a majority of parents who did it.

Yet, we all get the message.

I ask… does it work? Do we really listen if we are not “guilty”?

The messages (there were many) prior to school starting clearly outlined the new policies. The buses, the schedules, the routines. Here we are on Day 1 and already we are off to a shaky start.

I bet there will be more global messages sent through out the year, and most of the parents won’t have been guilty of the violation, but we will all receive the call. Isn’t it great that they can just send us an automated voice message, a text AND an e-mail to let us know someone, out there, did something outside of the plan, process and procedure? Yes, it sure is. And we will shake our heads and wonder.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS It’s awfully early to start crying wolf…let’s wait a bit until we really get unruly, okay?

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