Give Into Your Cravings

If you should decide to give into your cravings, do it right.

Make it worth the calories and the guilt.


And I don’t mean a deeply aged cheddar or a rich creamy goat but a simple cooper sharp.


The super sickly sweet ones like milk bar confetti cake or the soft-baked, gooey, homemade chocolate chip variety.

Chips (potato of course)

Thin and crispy not the ones served with crunchy, batter dipped fried cod.

Cherry Coke

Maybe even vanilla and certainly not diet.


Chewy candy like gum drops or Swedish Fish.


Well now, sure…this one should be aged in oak, rich and buttery.

It’s been over a week and you could be good and healthy but totally stressed out at the same time. It’s just not worth it – so just give into your cravings. Only maybe do it in moderation – not all at once.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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