Maybe You’ll Like This

An interesting world this industry called publishing…in particular, the tagging of books listed as “Maybe you’ll like this…” simply because you’ve purchased this other book.

Earlier this year, Harper Lee’s long lost Go Set A Watchman was all the buzz. This book, set twenty years after To Kill A Mockingbird, was being published soon (I think it was June or July) and everyone was talking about it.

Well, we can flash forward a few months…

We’re reading it now for this month’s book club. I think it was a good choice, I’m not done yet, but I’ll be done soon…or else. Club meets in less than a week. 

That’s not the point. (Many book clubs across the country are or have already read it…) 

The weird thing is that the handy little slip of suggestions from Barnes and Noble reads: if you liked Go Set A Watchman, maybe you’ll like this…and it lists To Kill A Mockingbird, To Kill A Mockingbird, To Kill A Mockingbird, To Kill A Mockingbird and Go Set A Watchman. I think someone got bored one day and wanted to see if anyone was paying attention. I think, to Harper Lee’s credit, that there are other books of this genre that could’ve been listed.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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