Get In Line

Perhaps my new favorite app. Get in line… at a restaurant. No Wait offers an offsite waiting list; sign up before you get there and (this is the key part) see how long of a wait there is for your favorite “no reservations” restaurant. It is like call ahead, but even better.

There are some features for restaurants, too.

Floor plan seating, timing average dining and when your diners arrive, they give you a name and a phone number. Most likely a cell phone. You can now text them… maybe follow up again later, like next week when there is no wait. Hey! Come and join us at The Vault… there is currently no wait for a table! Bonus – let’s go!!

So I share the info; this little app may help you, too. It may keep your kids from telling you they are starving (no less than 100 times) while you get in line – before you head to the restaurant – by putting your name on the “it will be no more than 30 minutes” which could turn into nearly an hour…so, now, you just have to decide if it is worth the wait for Steak Frittes pizza. (I assure you, it is.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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