General Store

The notion of the general store has kind of passed by unless you’re reading a historical novel or watching a western. Or, has it?

Maybe my view is skewed as a suburbanite. I live within 25 miles of a city with nearly 4 million and 75 miles of another city with 10 million in population. Sure, in those urban areas the corner market or bodega have their charm but are usually fairly limited or “categorized” in their offering.

But, even from here, if you happen to travel just 90 miles to the beach… Voila, there it is. The general store – something I didn’t think existed anymore. From housewares, to grocery, from fax and printing services, to keys, hardware and even appliances – if you keep looking, you can probably find automotive gear and of course, hunting and fishing supplies, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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