Well. We all know that we make certain concessions in life.

We accommodate the ones we love most. At least, we should – and we do, when we can…

  • We pay for college.
  • We co-sign loans.
  • We buy bigger cars.
  • We pay for braces even if insurance doesn’t cover the full cost.
  • We pay for a second round of orthodonture if they grow…and this time it is at full cost.
  • We buy them new shoes (or soccer cleats) even in October after they grow out of the new ones we bought in August to go back to school.
  • We take them to work to show them what we do and how we do it.
  • We teach them how to prepare dinner, even though they are slower and not quite yet perfect at technique.
  • We let them do for themselves so they can learn even if it means the laundry is put in weird places – like pants, sweatshirts and socks in the same drawer.

There are some concessions that are easier than others. Learning which ones matter more is really important – life, society and the people around us all help us learn. I have to say, I appreciate the retailers and service providers (like lenders) who help us support those buying decisions when needed.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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