Full Service

There are certain things that you come to think of when it comes to service provided…having someone do the “unexpected” is what can be called full service. That means (at least in this case), that the appliance is delivered, installed, tested and “shown off to you” in all it’s glory, with the newest bells and whistles… but also that they clean under the old one before they put the new one in. After all, you paid for the installation, you paid for the new installation kit and you paid for the expedited delivery.

Isn’t the little extra thing that the installers can do for you (in about 5 minutes) going to make you appreciate your new product even more – and the service provider, too?

This wasn’t the planned blog post for the day, but it was the one that came to mind after I was asked if I wanted to clean under my old washing machine.

“Well, yes. That should indeed be done.” So, I guess I do. But, I’d have much preferred you to do it for me…

In the end, after a week plus without a washing machine (in a house of many) I just wanted to get the job done with just the basic service being offered today.


~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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