Every Cranny and Nook

You may not realize how very pervasive holiday decorations are until they’re gone. They fill every cranny and nook, creating the aura of a fairytale. It’s only after you take them down that the starkness of “nothing” becomes the reality that you live in every day…. How’s that for a winter doldrum? It’s not really that bad, and it certainly doesn’t have to be that way at all…

When you’re in retail, then one holiday simply follows the other; creating a fresh appearance that everything is new again!

According to retailers, it’s either Valentine’s Day or summer – with red, pink and hearts exploding all over the aisle – or pagodas, picnic umbrellas and new chaise lounges with bright, chintz upholstery.

It is part of the illusion, whether it is your imaginary world, seen in your mind of how your kitchen could look, or how relaxing it will be on the patio while you are hosting summer barbecues. Fresh, new, a fairy-tale…marketing merchandising at its finest.

Just imagine what you want it to be – even if it is a fairy tale scene that you’re creating in each nook and cranny – and your reality can come true.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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