Friday Night Pizza

When I was growing up, most of my friends could look forward to having Friday night pizzaevery Friday. We only did this during Lent, and even then, it was not a “known entity”. As an adult, I have thought that pizza on Friday would be a treat for our kids – but they tire of it and beg me sometimes to get something else… Seriously, it’s true. (Maybe it is because we have pizza throughout the week? Is three times in one week too much? Maybe that is my problem…I’ve made it too readily available for them!)

So, it isn’t Lent (yet and not that we follow that tradition religiously) and today is Friday, but since I hosted friends to my house last night, we had an easy dinner of, sure you guessed it – pizza. On Thursday. Eeesh. What was I thinking? Ok, yes, I had indeed made a hearty soup that (honestly) nearly everyone in the house would have eaten if it had indeed been ready in time for dinner…but it was not.

So now what? Tonight is Friday and I think “Ahhh, I blew it – my go to dinner for Friday night was had on Thursday!” We could go out, but finding a table for 5 on a Friday night is not as easy as you would think. Or, should I rethink my childhood beliefs and just give in to the idea that pizza isn’t just for Friday anymore. I am certain that the pizza makers out there have certainly done their part to encourage week-long visits to their shop and they are usually open 7 days a week to meet our demand.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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