Be Social

Want to go out to lunch? Sure, only if we can talk and be social.

Bonus!! The restaurant features free wifi, but is this a good thing or not?

Depends on what kind of atmosphere or culture you want to offer and cultivate. Does it encourage customers over staying their welcome or being anti-social because everyone is logged in and reading or posting or browsing social media sites?

I could be persuaded either way… As a mom of “connected” kids, I’d rather it not have wifi. However, for me, as a consultant who travels out of my office fairly regularly – but not enough to have a 4G enabled iPad to be worthwhile – sure it is useful.

There are always two sides to the fence…not to mention the cost, speed (is it really fast enough) or have enough band width to matter to the customer?

Some where, some how, we have to maintain the ways society can encourage social interaction and no, I’m not talking about apps that encourage people to invite friends to play games on Facebook…although I think I found a game I might just share… Just to be social.

Stay tuned.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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