Found Roadside

There are so many things that could be found roadside.

  • A billboard. Name any brand – it could be there. The digital ones are cool, aren’t they? Guess what? Not cheaper to rent. (You would think they would but, nope. Last I checked. Same price.)
  • A rest stop. (Snacks in the vending machine. Don’t get the Crispy M+Ms® they’re not as good as the original or peanut versions – and I don’t even like the Peanut M+Ms®. )
  • A sign to show the litter control support – there must be so many kittens to save 😉 just kidding… but you know, the brands who want to get their name out there and tell the world that they want to keep the highways clean.
    • We saw just such a sign the other day that said The Philadelphia Eagles support this roadway. I thought that was interesting – don’t THEY ask others to support THEIR stadium? I bet they charge more…
  • Wildflowers. This is by far the best use of highway green space. Just get someone (the taxpayers or a sponsor, I don’t think I really have a preference, a sponsor could have a sign that would allow us to know what nursery or florist made the road prettier this year) it takes more than just throwing some seeds out there in mid-May to get (just like magic) pretty rainbows of flowers that last all summer long.
  • However, this is probably a bit better, albeit more interesting, confounding and more distressing than the rest (depending on the reason why…)
    • Clothes. Shorts. T-shirts. Button down collar plaid hipster shirt. A hat. 1 flip flop (a manly, kind of off road hiking sort of sandal.)

Yes, somehow, someone’s luggage ended up on the shoulder. In the center lane. In the fast lane. On the other shoulder. Spread out over about 5 miles.

Now, who would have thought that would be what we found roadside? It was interesting – no need to come up with something to talk about on a long car ride when that is what you see.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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