Found My Beret

Wasn’t looking, but I found my beret in Paris (but of course…)

What better place to buy a beret?

Where’s my hat? What’s my hurry?

Today it was a bit of hurry up and wait… First when we missed mass at Notre Dame, then when we decided to just go with the flow and visit a few other sites first.

In the end, it was lovely – meandering, shopping and lounging at a street cafe in Montemarte, but, without a hat on a rainy day. So, I had to start my search and found my beret outside of St Michel across from Ille de la Cite en Paris. What a beautiful rainy day to shop, tour and visit a few historic cathedrals, where of course, you just remove your hat anyway. So, good for me that I found it after.

~ Dawn aka Chapeaux Fille

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