Tired In Any Language

Children, and adults, being tired, in any language, sounds the same.

After a long day of walking, out of routine, not eating normal meals, at the regular time, not drinking enough water nor sleeping in our own beds can make anyone tired.

Children especially.

I felt bad, on several occasions, during this last week, but none so much as in Paris – where it was English, Dutch, French, Chinese, Arabic and more languages than I would recognize – hearing tired children complaining to their parents.

They just want to eat, or sleep, or be home. So do we, but we push past it for the experience, the new or the familiar, the event of the holiday. Tired in any language is easily spotted. Empathy abounds…how I wish I could help you my littlest, dear – enfants, Bebes, children – but I too, am a bit fatigue. I am just not ready to leave, yet…

~ Dawn aka Chapeau Fille

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