For the Grads

Moms and Dads will do pretty much anything for the Grads.

From road trips to find the perfect next step in their life, to helping them choose what applications to file and everything in between.

College is a next step for many teens today, as they leave the security and (some might say) comfort of high school to go on to higher education.

It isn’t easy, whether its the process of getting in, or the paying for it…and then, finishing in the 4 or 5 years that their program is designed to take a typical student.

It isn’t easy for them, nor is it easy for the parents…

Yet, we all go through this, no matter how hard, complicated, stressful, unpredictable and challenging it is.

In reality, even if high school appeared to be easy, simple, mundane, uneventful and they were easily victorious at every thing they did…trust the reality that it wasn’t.

This month, over and over again, we come together to help celebrate the occasion – for the Grads – and for the parents. They may have made it look like they were breezing through Kindergarten again, but the reality is, many of us cried when that happened and we will do it again. Tears of sadness, joy, hope, relief and exhaustion – all earned and all totally worth shedding. It is time to celebrate…I’m not crying, you’re crying.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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