Christmas in June

I’ve heard of Christmas in July, but not Christmas in June before…

Until now…

When I found a lost Christmas stocking, filled with at least one item that I thought we had thrown away with the wrappings and leftover trimmings.

What a surprise!

Guess what Santa brought you honey!

Funny as it is, I know there are companies out there, right now, trying to think of ways to increase retail gift sales. It isn’t that they are targeting those who are not celebrating graduations (whether college, high school or middle school) like we are – nor going out of there minds trying to find the perfect Father’s Day gifts.

Those companies, have already gotten ready for those occasions. The stores are ready for Dads and Grads.

No, they are the ones who are planning Christmas in June whether you are ready or not. (I am not, but I used to be, when I was working with them to get ready ahead of the curve.) Now, to be honest, it’s really nice to just think of the here and now, and live in the moment. Plus, as a bonus, now we have some new toys that we thought we’d lost.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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