Could You Go Back

If you had the time machine, could you go back to whatever year your kids are in school, whether elementary, middle, high school or college to do it all over again – and – do it better?

Kindergarten. Sure.

Give me recess and snack, followed by nap time.

High school geometry? Maybe not.

While I love circles, I am not sure that I want to be sitting there trying to remember the formula to find the circumference, backing into the radii, or figuring out the dreaded area of the curve…and then, doing all the math by hand.

Sure, I love to learn. I always love to read about new things. Even to refresh my memory and research something to see if it has a fit in today’s world.

Learning? Sure, love it…Do it all the time.

But, going back? Probably not. With one in each school, I’d be hard pressed to pick one, but would probably opt for college, though high school would be a close second.

Just help them with their homework some day. It will all come back to you and help you to realize you don’t remember as much as you thought. Let them do it. They can…and they will.

Soon, it will be time to wrap up the year, if you haven’t already done so at the local college and private high school…at least that is where we are in the northeast. Schools are still in session for the high, middle and elementary schools. They are all still at it. This week and next (and the next in some places) it is time for exams, finals, end of semester projects and turning in anything that they will still accept, even for partial credit.

Knowing what you know, would you, could you go back? Or, is it safe to say, that it would be tough – just like any new (old) thing. The memory of something you did ages (and ages) ago, might have you thinking sure…but in today’s world it isn’t the same. Of this, I can assure you. Just talk to any 5th grader…they’re probably smarter than you think.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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