Fix It and Forget It

You can say, and you can even think, that fix it and forget it is a mantra.

  • It can work for you.
  • It can work for a lot of repairs.
  • It can even work for other things that need “fixing”.


  • I will recommend that you fix it and write it down.

Take the best notes you can on this simple, little thing that you had to research for a bit (or, was it actually an hour?) Even if the internet will have your solution, you know the nuances, the tiny little things that online instructions – or, heck, even written instructions – don’t mention.

Then, you can just fix it and forget it until…you need to fix it again. Which, you know is a possibility. It might be 3 or 4 years or it might be a few days, but boy, won’t you be so thankful for your forethought?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS that one tiny little step in the middle that you will always remember because it is SO OBVIOUS. Yea, write that one down, too.

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