First Night

This is the first night before the new year. Many towns adopt this concept. Activities, music, shows and more to celebrate in a fun, family friendly way…a New Year’s Eve party of parties.

We brought a little more fun than that to the party, even though it is just 9 of us we laughed, we cried, we drank, we ate, we rode rides…lost a phone and almost caught the “brass ring” – all while waiting for the new year to join us. 

2015 was a year to remember, to really look back on with fondness. We have photos, mementos, souvenirs and even art to recall this year’s events. 

This, for us, is just the first night of our first vacation (holiday) of 2016…many, many more (hopefully) to come…oh what places will we go this year!?! What will you do in 2016? More than last year I’d hope.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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