First Disney

If you have been there…what was your first Disney trip like?

  • How old were you?
  • Did you go with family or friends?
  • Disney World, in Florida or DisneyLand, in California?
  • Did you get to see everything you hoped you’d see, or were you just overwhelmed by the experience and happy that you saw as much as you could?
  • What was your favorite ride or character meet up?

Being from the east coast, we could have driven, but I honestly think I flew down to Florida with my grandparents and I was 11…back then, they used tickets and we went on so many rides I can’t even remember missing a single thing. Of all the things, Space Mountain was fairly memorable, if not slightly frightening once I realized what it was that had happened. In the ride – total darkness, completely exhilarating and I wanted to go again…

Alas, it had been a very long day and we had to go…but leave it to Disney World to celebrate the end of the night with a parade, fireworks and making Cinderella’s castle look even more amazing – in this case – in pink.

No doubt, there are those who might say Universal is better… from my view, especially with younger children. It’s first Disney, then the rest of the theme parks.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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