Searching for Seashells

Many of us have probably spent hours of our lives, summer days, searching for seashells. If you haven’t…you should find the time, find a way, and find a great beach.

From the first trip to the beach, or the shore as we say, it is an addiction.

Quiet, endless, soul-filling, relaxing and yet, a form of exercise that you wouldn’t even think would happen; the next day, you know you worked for it. But, it is so very worth while.

The summer I spent on the west coast of Florida brought new wonders to admire. We could just stand at the edge of the Gulf and find sand dollars, but if you looked hard enough, there were star fish and conch shells, too. Those unique items not easily (if ever) found in the north east and certainly not on beaches of New Jersey – no matter how diligent you were.

If you spend at least a tiny part of your summer searching for seashells, then you know – and will completely understand – that I miss this. I have yet to go; and the ocean is calling.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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