Firm But Flexible

Attended a really wonderful lecture today that I will remember for a while. I have read the author’s books before, but in person, Edward Tufte is much more engaging. One quote from him today really resonated with me. “Be firm, but flexible.”

I find that this is something to which I can easily relate. I am certainly passionate about a wide variety of causes and beliefs, but I try to maintain an open mind. If given facts or a convincing argument – usually backed by research, data and information – I am ready and willing to learn as well as believe to the point of defending, sharing and expanding the story.

Presenting information in order to create awareness, understanding and belief is an art, but is also completely based in science.  Data and science is an interesting aspect of Marketing that is growing with today’s technology and one that Tufte has taught in years of academia, shared in his books and on his lecture circuit. Oh, he has also been a consult – for organizations such as NASA and the CDC & companies like Apple, IBM and Bose – just to name a few of my favorites from his resume.

He also casually inquired something that made me think more about non-work and life in general: “Is it true that people who are fit are able to work out, or that people who work out are fit?”

This statement probably also applies to my current favorite, but not all time favorite, form of workout; a rehabilitation effort possible through personal training and Pilates. Even though Yoga or Tai Chi is much more relaxing, this exercise creates a body that is firm but flexible. I am sure that I could be more of both…not just in body, but in spirit and mind, too. Luckily for me I am more able to do the things in life that I want to do. It sounds, from Mr. Tufte’s discussion today, that you can be more, do more and convince more, if you decide to do so. It just will not happen in one day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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