Fall is More Stressful

If you listen to the ads on the radio, and read what comes in the mail…fall is more stressful than any other season.

Could that be true?

Or, are they just trying to get you to buy into their products and services?

I am no psychologist, and have done no research in this matter – so please, judge for yourself – but…

  • it is back to school.
  • the days are getting shorter.
  • the nights approach sooner.
  • the schedules are new and very different from the summer routines.
  • the homework is due every day (or should be done, a little at a time on each of the seven.)
  • the leaves are falling.
  • the air is cold one day, humid and hot the next.

They could have something … but, when you look at the beauty of the leaves, the trees getting ready for winter, it is one of the most beautiful times of the year.

Plus, who can resist adding cheese and apples to every meal? (no one)

Not to forget all of the wonders of the season…

  • OctoberFest and Renaissance Fairs.
  • Sweaters, sigh.
  • Boots!
  • Turning off the A/C (finally…even if we have a day or two of relapse) and opening the windows to let in the fresh, crisp, cool air.
  • It is just the beginning of long school weekends, home coming, parent’s weekend and holidays that don’t require a gift, just the one you get from being able to sleep in a little extra bit.
  • Pumpkin spice everything (seriously, people couldn’t get enough of it in 2003* and they still can’t – I actually saw hand soap today in the store – please do not eat it!)

I don’t believe that fall is more stressful. I think that any season can be amazing or crazy – or, both at the very dame time. The way you approach it means everything. As much as I love summer, let’s embrace autumn and enjoy every single minute.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

*just to show, I still remember. That date was verified after I guessed what year it all started with a humble, winter latte thanks to Starbucks.

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