Everything is Better With Bacon

I know that this is truly a matter of opinion and completely random, but there is a strong belief out there (from my independent and non-documented research) that everything is better with bacon.

  • Ice Cream (sure – as long as it is crispy and on top, not blended in and frozen)
  • Cheese
  • Turkey (kind of boring on it’s own)
  • Spinach (salad or sauteed with onion, butter, Worcestershire and barbeque sauce)
  • Lettuce and Tomato on toast
  • Eggs
  • Chocolate or fudge (subtly added… salty on sweet mmmmm)
  • Chicken fajitas (tried this out tonight for dinner)
  • A bagel
  • White bean soup (homemade at a place called the “Spotted Hog” where nothing was or could have ever been thought to be vegetarian – but someone, once was indeed fooled)

…the list goes on and on – try adding your favorite to the list!!

Although, according to some (ahem, my teen daughter who is experimenting with vegetarianism), there are certain things that won’t be improved by bacon.

Maybe this will work for your business. Maybe it won’t. But, you might become just a little bit happier if you had bacon. Try it. It won’t hurt (unless you eat it every day… so don’t do that!)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Maybe it wasn’t so random after all.

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