Everything is A-Okay

Funny how people want the story to end well, everything is A-Okay…even if the story is full of:

unrequited love

teen love (that ends up in 50+ years of marriage)

bad things happening to good people

tension and stress

a lack of communication

tons of misunderstandings (because of the inability to communicate)

all of the hot topics of the day, especially the most controversial

coincidences that rarely happen in real life

sibling rivalry

siblings against all (others) especially when someone comes between them

beautiful islands

legacies of families (good and not so good)

In the end, they all come together, in love, friendship and finding common ground. Seriously, it is like any ending of an episode of Star Trek “Captain’s Log. Everything is A-Okay” and the world, nay, the galaxy will be fine because of good intentioned and well meaning humans; mostly because the author doesn’t want you to jump off a cliff after reading their book. (They are writing another one afterall.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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