Collaboration and Creativity

In my world, collaboration and creativity go together.

They go together like peas and carrots – even if you don’t like them – even if you think of the round peas (obviously) and the cubed carrots reminiscent of childhood vegetable medley (which kind of, but don’t really go together.)

Sit around the table. Ask for ideas on one topic. This can lead to another, related, or not.

Solutions can be brainstorms of your own accord, but when you work on marketing for brands that are meant for a collective of customers, having a collective voice can be hugely helpful.

Pitch the idea, spark the mind, allow for collaboration and creativity will probably soon follow. Join me. Or, I will join you. We can truly make a difference together.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS If you are working on a holiday meal, this can also work – or it can completely backfire. Choose your invitations to collaborate with others as long as they like the same kind of food you like.

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