Endless Thanks

I my life, I have this wonderful family and many friends for whom I must offer my endless thanks. I can’t even start to list the things that people have done for me over the years. I hope that they know how much I appreciate them…the list of helpers is long and detailed.

In case they don’t know and just to be sure that everyone else knows, too – this post is meant to share how fortunate I’ve been and to shout out to two people in particular. Recently, my mother and father in law, moved from our home to their own beach house again.

They have been with us for 16 years – helping us in every way possible from caring for the kids to driving anyone who needed to be somewhere, help with homework and haircuts (our own personal barber – in house!) Cooking dinner, waking everyone up to get to school on time, making coffee, buying groceries, laundry folding (one of my least favorite chores) and basically being there whenever needed.

They¬† listened to us, shared their thoughts and helped us make decisions, some simple and some more complicated like how to buy – and sell – a business…

The list goes on and on.

They moved in with us, before the turmoil of life-changing 9/11. Back then, we were just 3 – a father, mother and toddler – hoping to have more children and enjoy the extended family that the future might bring. Lucky for us, they chose us and the burbs…instead of retiring to the beach that they love so much and reducing the level of stress and worry in my life.

Now, just last week, our household has changed, going from 7 to 5 and who knows what next fall will bring, we may soon be just 4 on an everyday basis. This year ahead is going to be a year of transition; I am not sure I’m ready.

I have always been a part of a big family, even though I was born first and I’m the oldest of 4 siblings. My parent’s families were large and local and always close, even from a distance. It was a wonderful way to grow up, aunts and uncles moving in as they transitioned from home for school or jobs and even other countries. We have followed suit…opening our doors to sisters and nephews because we were so appreciative of everything others had given to us. Mom and Pop embraced this, moving over and making room and sacrifices, too.

I hope that our children look back and appreciate the unique way of life they led. I hope that they are more able to appreciate the entire family being a part of their lives as I have.

Today, not many have the opportunity to be a part of a multi-generational, one-house family and for the two who made that happen I have to offer my heartfelt and endless thanks. I know that everyone says thank you at Thanksgiving…but this is a very special sort of thanks and the timing is ideal. Thank you Mom and Pop, we miss you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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