Endless Thanks

There is a huge difference between a very sincerely spoken “it has been my pleasure” and the endless thanks that someone says after you say you’re welcome, followed by another “thank you” but said again in a different way… what do you say to that?

Are they in a loop of phrases that they know what to say but they don’t know what the words really mean?

To people who provide services, whether seasonal or holiday or every day in nature; one “thank you”, and a heartfelt “you’re welcome” is all that is needed. Oh, and maybe a small gift or token to seal the deal and make it special.

We do offer our endless thanks to family and friends…and to those in careers that keep us safe, give life or help support you as a dear family member’s life is ending… but, to the waiter at a lunch event, the teller at the bank and the drive through staffer who is friendly and upbeat – a “hey thanks” probably suffices – along with a smile – yea, that goes a long way to showing you mean it.  Coming back day after day and supporting their company also shows that you appreciate that they appreciate you…now, that is a loop that is meaningful in more ways than just saying thanks.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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