Easily Irritated

Are you one of those people who can be easily irritated by the noises and the things going on around you?

I am not talking about the people around you – just the stuff that happens around you.

It is so easy to get distracted…we are each – often – in our own little world. Headsets, mini-video players in the palm of our hands, engrossed in the news feed, the app, the incoming texts.

Or, maybe you are already distracted, trying to concentrate but having a tough time staying focused.

  • Maybe your team’s game is on the television and they are getting their butt kicked in the first part of the game.
  • Maybe they are winning but you missed the last score and the neighbor is mowing the lawn but you can’t hear the commentator because you opened all the windows since the weather is finally nice again.
  • Maybe the person next to you, found a fidget spinner in the swag bag and can’t sit still…bored out of their mind.
  • Maybe the kid next to you is able to flip, twirl and twist their pencil like one of the best drummers out there; performing for a crowd that exists only in their mind.
  • Maybe it is the buzz of the lights, or the hum of the air conditioner rumbling just hitting that frequency that makes your body feel – I don’t know – weirdly uncomfortable.

You can’t meditate, you can’t ignore it, you can’t just put it out of your mind once you see it or hear it. Maybe you need your own mindless way of keeping from being easily irritated – something to distract you – while somehow, keeping you focused, at the very same time. Sure. That is it. Now how to figure out what that is. Any ideas? It is just about the time to find a new “latest” thing that everyone will want to have; because sometimes you just need something to keep your mind focused on something else entirely.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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