Tight Turn

I used to love saying the phrase “tight turn” referring to the time in between flights, going from one city to another and back.

It was a pilot phrase. Maybe a race car driver on a road race…I guess.

I am not even sure that is a real thing, but I always hoped that it meant that the pilots and crew would be able to be back home each day. Maybe in time for dinner, but at the very least, in time to sleep at home.

If you work in the city, every day, you have to make a choice, to take the train, or a bus (rarely) or to drive…

Which is pretty much the case for me for the last few years at least. (Just takes one kid needing stitches and a trip to the ER to get you to commit to being flexible in your commute.)

I digress.

Cities, as you probably already know, are short on space. So, having parking lots and garages take up more space than needed is just a waste of money. A waste of valuable real estate.

Thus, the tight turn, in this case can also mean a small turning radius and teeny, tiny parking spaces. The empty garage…is a dream…especially if you are flying out at rush hour. All the spots open and ready for you to choose the perfect place to leave your car, so that it is safe all day until you need to return home – no matter when that is – hopefully at the end of the day. Enjoy the little things, even an empty compact space when you drive a huge-a88 SUV. (Luckily, the back up camera helps a lot.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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