Hungry Now

Of course, it is easy to say, “no, I already ate” when someone is making a meal…but what happens when you are hungry now?

  • At 9PM.
  • After everyone else has gone out to lunch.
  • After all of the food has been put away and the kitchen is cleaned up.

What happens when you work so long that you forget to eat until it is so far past hunger that you are just about to eat the entire box of 3 month old cheese crackers…?

Or, and maybe this is the real issue; you were satisfied with what you had, but now you are not at all satisfied:

  • In your job.
  • In your starter home.
  • In your own business, the one that was growing, but now has kind of leveled off.

You need to plan ahead, think forward, know what comes next.

If you wait too long, you will find yourself behind the eight ball.  Being hungry now, when you are starving (instead of just a little bit interested, looking for the next big thing) is certainly not going to end as good as it could have had you been a little bit more aware.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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