Don’t Do It

Often, everything we talk about is positive, upbeat and ready to go for it. Yet, sometimes the best advice is to not go for it, to hang back, to stay home, demur, and…don’t do it.

  • Drive to the city on play off day.
  • Go to the Post Office on tax day just to buy a stamp.
  • Try the newest fad diet.
  • Shop at Target, WalMart, or any supermarket on Saturday morning.
  • Make a reservation for opening night of a new restaurant.
  • Try the sample meds the doctor gave you.
  • Go right out and buy that book recommended by someone you barely know.
  • Offer to smell your kids feet (or the sock they think might be clean.)

You do not have to be the end all be all for everything and you certainly don’t have to put yourself into a crazy situation for no reason. Sometimes, the gut will tell you, don’t do it. You should listen to that instinct. It has served you well in the past, trust yourself, believe your brain…maybe watch a show you have already seen.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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