Don’t Blame Me

As a quick, TGIF kind of follow up to my (really late) blog from last night – pleaseĀ  don’t blame me (or anyone else) for what you do…when you are:

  • wrong,
  • ignoring common sense,
  • blowing off your diet,
  • cheating on your resolution to exercise,
  • hurting someone else,
  • being insincere,
  • under the influence,
  • not being your real self,

or, even simply…

  • late.

The crowd groaned that the interview was ending with “one final question” (a request for a selfie.) Michelle did that of course, but only before saying “It’s a work night. Don’t blame me“…if you decide to be late to work. No one, not even the former First Lady is willing to allow you to do something that you haven’t fully made the decision to do, to be, to blow off or be less than you can be.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS – I didn’t (initially) check Instagram or Twitter to see if it was posted, because I knew for sure the camera wouldn’t pick up my face in the crowd. Check it out for yourself.

PPS I was really tired this morning but still got up an hour before normal to take my son to school before driving to a client’s board meeting.

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