Anticipating December

We are done with anticipating December. It’s timely arrival to our little towns, to our homes, and to our lives and it is here now to lift our spirit.

Why then, is there such anxiety about the month? Probably because there is still alot that has to happen in the next 30 days.

  • The preparation of the home.
  • The decorating.
  • The light hanging and the light repairs…
  • The gift selections.
  • The gift buying.
  • The event outing(s).
  • The perfect outfit(s).
  • The client project completions.
  • The budget resolutions.
  • The end of year accomplishments to actually be accomplished.
  • The planning of resolutions for 2019.
  • The holiday meal shopping, preparation and clean up.
  • The holiday desserts (and subsequent weight gain.)
  • The actual holiday days…and every night when you collapse, satisfactorily into slumber.

There is a huge difference between anticipating December and making it happen. May you all survive the month, and in the end be happier, less stressed out and more content. It’s a wild ride and it has just begun. Make the most of it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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