We Can Be More

We can be more than others think of us…

I was inspired tonight by things that our most recent, former First Lady said tonight. I was invited to attend Becoming – An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama (you can learn more about the book following that link, I hear it makes a great Christmas gift.)

I would be remiss if I did not credit her for the inspirational words, and those of so many other women – and men – who encouraged me to become who I am today.

  • My Nana Helen
  • My Mom & Dad
  • My Dad’s parents, Anne and Bill who met in college (sorry U Mich about that tough loss last weekend)
  • My high school calculus teacher Mrs Angela Calabria who pulled me out of typing because there was an opening for a freshman in her programming class
  • My – oh, so many other family members, teachers, neighbors and friends…

They are part of the history that got me to the place where I met so, so many others.

To all of you, I must say thank you… for believing in me, for trusting that I could do more, for pushing me when I doubted myself and not letting me do less than I had potential to do.

In particular, I thank Elizabeth for “friend-napping” me to join tonight’s event. I wouldn’t have thought to buy tickets, but I am grateful for the opportunity to share the evening with you, your daughter and the women in your life who make it more meaningful. To be counted as one of these ladies is humbling.

To all of the rest of you out there, more than just the ones who inspired me, but the ones who need to be inspired:

  • What do you care about?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What do you think is right for your work, career, and future.
  • What do you think should change and how can you help it happen?

Even when you have doubts, dig deep inside yourself to find the way to just believe that all of us can be more; we all have potential. Hopefully, you will not only have someone close to you who will trust in you and believes in you and pushes you to be more than you think you can be – but that you are also doing the same for others around you.

It is ever so important to believe in others and help them achieve more. We can be more and we need to show the world that it is possible.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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