Do It Yourself

There are a lot of people out there who won’t agree that they do this, but they live it. They believe, by virtue of their actions that if you do it yourself, it is done right.

I choose to outsource what it is that I can’t, or don’t like to, do..

Others delegate.

With some success or not.

If you can’t outsource it, then I am a huge proponent of teaching someone else to do something; in step by step explanations, with an insider view – how.

Share the tips of the trade with them, empower them to make their own decisions, within a framework of those things that don’t hurt anyone else.

The spa I called today for a pedicure – they must exhibit this belief – and for that reason alone, I will call them again. With more notice. With more flexibility in my schedule.

Not that I believe a facial is anything like a pedicure, other than a personal care treatment for someone who is looking to be pampered.

Most would (many did) agree that the difference between a facial (offered) and a pedicure (requested) is a world apart. The areas served are the exact opposite of each other.

Also, one service can be done and allows you to go out, dressed up for a party to celebrate. The other, does not. In fact, it is pretty much recommended to not do anything other than stay out of the sun, drink extra water and go to bed early.

In my particular case, the problem is not just that they offered the thing (a facial) that I didn’t request, but it was the one thing most would believe you can do it yourself and, still achieve similar results. The other (a pedicure) is not; depending on your flexibility, patience, eyesight, equipment and materials it is difficult to achieve the same results. At least, that is what I think, anyway.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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