Do I Know You

More and more, when the phone rings, the question we pose to ourselves is “do I know you“?

  • e-mail has figured out the way to identify spam
  • the blog has tagged and quarantined
  • questionable mail (direct mail) gets tossed (and recycled)
  • solicitations at a place of business are screened by well-trained staff

The phone system, as antiquated and outdated as it is becoming is probably going that way faster each month. At this point, it is a habit. We don’t pick up the phone unless we can answer the question “do I know you” with some high level of certainty that we do. The caller even knows that they have to get you to pick up the phone… they know you won’t call back. Caller ID screening takes place, you don’t pick up, and they don’t even leave a voicemail anymore.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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