And…We’re Off

Just like that and…we’re off:

  • to another year of daily blogging
  • to a new apartment
  • to a new client acquisition strategy
  • to find a new restaurant
  • to try yoga – again
  • to being more outgoing
  • to trying to be the best friend anyone can have
  • to helping people when they need it – before they even know it
  • to a new school year, one year older, one year smarter and one year closer

It seems like the summer just started, but that really isn’t true. It just feels that way.

This past week, I have heard people saying that August is the Sunday of summer. Isn’t that the truth? So, we should definitely enjoy the last few days that we have before we have to get on our way back to the routine, before we are done with shorts and sandals and staying up late.

Time to prune the garden, weed it out, make room for the last summer flowers to bloom – right where they are planted. Time to plan the fall flowers, the ones that will carry bright colors into the darker evenings and cooler days.

For now, there is still heat, humidity, sun and one big beautiful sunflower – the one that wakes up each day to brighten the back yard…

Plus, I have to be happy for the one good thing about school starting early – in August – it seems like they are just settling in and…we’re off 3 days for a holiday weekend. This is always a good time to regroup, sleep in a few extra days, fill in the gaps on school supplies and new apartment gear…making sure that we have everything we can to make these next 9 (ok more like 10) months the best that they can be before we can fully enjoy summer-time again.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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