It is strange to feel disconnected. While we have decided to “cut the cord” that doesn’t even have anything to do with the feeling. We have been attached at the hip to mobile phones for decades, even as far back as having an oversized bag phone that weighed a ton…It is more about being removed from the every day activity of being in the middle.

The kids are off on their own, they do what they want, when they want and with whom they choose to spend their time. They don’t need you the way they did when they were babies, toddlers and elementary aged children.

  • They cook their own breakfast, lunch and even dinner sometimes.
  • They do their own laundry.
  • They watch their own shows (on their laptop, tablet or phone) in their own space.
  • They go away on tour, for a week.
  • They go to college and live on their own (with 3 other roommates and 44 other people on the LLC floor.)
  • They can drive to the market and buy what they need for their own lives.

I am not upset, I am not frustrated, I am not even sad…yet. I am sure that one day, I will feel completely disconnected from their lives – though right now we are in that zone where it feels good. It feels relaxing. It feels like we accomplished what we set out to do. Hopefully, we continue to feel that way, forever. Fingers crossed that the future holds what we think it will…virtual reality phones, instantly connecting as if we were together in the same room, and even self driving cars that keep us closer than ever not wasting a single moment during the trip.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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