Apple Rings

When we were kids, we could be surprised by a snack in our lunch box that was simply apple rings – thin slices of our favorite apples – de-stemmed, de-cored and de-seeded.


Maybe if we had kept eating them instead of adding “snack bags” to our meal, we wouldn’t need to have a virtual trainer on our wrist to remind us to “close our rings”.

Setting that aside – a ship that sailed decades ago when more and more moms went full-time into the workplace, and pre-packaged food started taking over the country – I am just curious.

If Siri is our Personal Assistant, Alexa is our Home Concierge, who came up with the name Apple Rings for our personal trainer? Couldn’t they have come up with a cooler name – one like “Healthy Heather” who also teaches a YouTube Yoga class – or maybe “Pamela the Personal Trainer”? Maybe there is one and I just haven’t found it yet…but, is it really okay for a watch to tell us to stand up, walk around or get more steps in today? Maybe it would be more helpful it if had a name. Or, maybe if it had a name, I wouldn’t take it off so often, letting it sit, charging by the laptop, while I go and do something far more fun with other people.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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