déjà vu 

Ever had that feeling of déjà vu?

It just comes upon you with an uncontrollable need to figure it out.

Racking your brain and then assuming that it was just a dream, maybe. Or, perhaps you actually have been there, doing the very same thing before. 

How many times though? That is the question.

How many times have I had a conversation on a flight, with a complete stranger and had a moment of thinking I’d met them before. But, no it really isn’t something I’ve done – I mean, not with them anyway. Just making the miles fly by faster, while, truly being interested in what they do, why they travel and where they live…occasionally staying in touch, making that few minutes saying “hello, how are you?” worthwhile.

I’ve not been away, as much anyway, as I have been this past year. This isn’t déjà vu…it is just that I have been there before… All in all, good – but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t missing it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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