Dedicated Fans

The most dedicated fans are your best cheerleaders.

  • They stay in the rain.
  • They come to see the event even when few others do.
  • They shout the loudest to root you on.
  • They laugh the most at your jokes.
  • They buy the t-shirts, logo blankets and number one foam fingers.
  • They drive you there, stay to watch and bring you home.
  • They buy you ice cream and pizza, whether you won or lost.

You may not even realize it, yet. But looking back, it might be a good time to say thank you. So, reach out, and share your memories with the dedicated fans…the ones who were there no matter what. Ask what it is that they remember. It is probably a lot more than you can recall, or at least an entirely different perspective that you can remember more fondly now, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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