Still Do Cartwheels

No matter how life goes, you can still do cartwheels to celebrate small or big wins. Or, even just to prove it to yourself that you still can.

Picture it.

Right hand up, point, lean in and push. Let gravity help you while you leverage your momentum.

You can do anything you want to do.

Even if only in your mind.

Though, in reality, you always did them – and have since you were a little kid, being babysat by the girls who inspired you to be one, too. Kept doing them, decade after decade, because they’re fun to do and just to keep flexible and determined.

Not just because the Olympics inspire you.

Because they call to you.

If all of that is true, well, then, you can still do cartwheels in your physical world, too. I am not recommending this to everyone, but I know you can do it – if you think you can. The real question is, can you keep your toes pointed and maintain perfect form? (Even if not, try it…you might surprise yourself.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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