Fans No Matter What

When it comes to our kids and our local schools, we are fans no matter what…

  • …color their uniforms.
  • …stadium in which they play.
  • …position they’re in.
  • …the coach or director says about their practicing.
  • …food they serve (if any, at all) in the concessions.
  • …the temperature is outside, or, snowing, pouring, hot, and/or humid.

Or, even what they play:

  • drums.
  • soccer.
  • trumpet.
  • lacrosse.
  • flute.
  • field hockey.
  • tuba.
  • football.

Or, something else entirely different.

In fact, not only that…we cheer them on and are faithful fans no matter what happens at the end of it all.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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