Crying Uncle

Sometimes I can just hear the inner voice in someone crying uncle. Although today, it is easier, if they post on social media that they are tapping out, they give up, they need a night out.

  • Too much information
  • Too many complaints
  • Too many hands in the pie
  • Too many helpers making suggestions
  • Too many deliverables due tomorrow
  • Too many clients calling for help (wait, can one ever have too many clients?)
  • Too many commitments you made before you were busier than you’d thought you’d be now
  • Too many opportunities to volunteer your time
  • Too many kids who haven’t done their homework or their laundry
  • Toddlers who say “I can do it! Me do it! Me help!” and they aren’t asking
  • Too many telemarketers calling to ask for your renewal to SiriusXM, your opinion on the poll and colleges who want to know if you need more information
  • Too many dishes to fit into the cabinet – everything is clean
  • Too many people who are not “themselves” right now and need extra help
  • Too many things to do and just not enough time
  • Too many tests to take
  • Too many deadlines
  • Too many personal commitments to be here there and everywhere, driving too and from school, play practice, choir, karate, rehab, and random other errands
  • Too many pounds on the body to fit into a spring vacation wardrobe
  • Too many things you should do to be healthier, happier or more rested

Overall, there are many things that can get some one to the breaking point. Laughter can help and so the term, the phrase itself “crying uncle” just cracks me up. (Note that none of mine live nearby and yet, in today’s age of technology, they’d be able to help from wherever they may be at this moment. Maybe they can help – I should probably ask.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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