Each Step Closer

The Valedictorian’s speech is not always wonderful…but sometimes, they hit the mark. This weekend, this young man’s words essentially conveys that each step closer to the goal is one step that has actually been taken.

Of course, he made a tie in by quoting one of America’s greats. He got my attention when he mentioned Neil Armstrong and his famous quote from 50 years ago.

“That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Neil Armstrong upon taking the first step on the moon, July 1969

Of course, not every high school grad will go that far in their life…and I am not talking about getting to the moon. Nor, becoming nearly as famous.

An accomplishment like that takes significant dedication, sacrifice, some luck, but a lot of hard work – and then a lot more hard work by an entire team of people to help lend their expertise. All in little pieces, but still part of the accomplishment.

Steps are taken every day by millions of people from small steps, to grand elegant ones, granite, steel, wooden – some even take giant leaps – and then, they do it over and over again.

Neil didn’t get to the moon on his own, no one could; furthermore, no one should. If someone asked him if we should go back, he would probably have agreed…even if he wasn’t the one to go.

Luckily, we don’t all have to become a great astronaut to show that we can go beyond our basic abilities. We just have to keep trying to do more, and know that each step closer to a goal is dependent on having the strength to take the chance, to accept risk, to put yourself out there and, sometimes asking for help when you think you will need it, or offering it when you can help.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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