Coloring Books

Ok, I admit. I am not sure what the big deal is with adult coloring books. By adult, you know that I mean for people over 18 and not for toddlers – certainly not the other meaning you may be thinking…please.

They are apparently supposed to help you relax.


They don’t.

Remember color in the lines??  “Excuse me, the apple has to be red, as does the fire truck.” and “Your hair isn’t golden, you don’t use the yellow crayon, here’s a brown one for you my darling.”


Give me Yoga, massage, an evening watching mindless television or a movie. A night out with my husband and/or my friends.  A chilled cocktail or a nice glass of white wine – summer has me enjoying the slightly sweeter, crisp whites – come fall I will be right back on the red bandwagon.

Or, maybe I read whatever monthly magazine has arrived from my fall fundraiser order which is on the coffee table. Yes, we ordered a bunch to get that ruby red bling duck – sucker, I know, but they WILL be read, or perused in a moment when I just need to stop thinking about work and think about…whatever. Something else.

Coloring books, specifically the adult ones, are everywhere and frankly, I am not sure of the allure. Maybe I need a little instruction on exactly how best to use them.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Coloring books to bring out your inner child.

Coloring books to bring out your inner child.

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